Saturday, July 21, 2012

Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad

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Great any time of the year!

Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad

1 large bunch (or 2 small) broccoli, broken into small pieces
1 head cauliflower, broken into small pieces
6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
8-10 slices fried bacon, chopped
chopped onion to taste
garlic powder to taste

Dressing - combine:
1 C. or more of mayo (I used Miracle Whip)
1/4 C. parmesan cheese
1-2 T. sugar

Put all the vegetables, etc. in a bowl.  Add dressing and mix gently until combined.  Refrigerate.

Keep in mind - the above recipe is for a single batch.  Most of the time I will double the recipe so I have plenty.  This time I was taking it to a picnic with my gal friends - the Yaya's.  I also wanted some for home.  I tripled the batch so keep that in mind when observing the photos.

Cauliflower all chopped and added to the bowl -

Then, the broccoli -

Hard boiled eggs -

Bacon, eggs & garlic powder -

The dressing all combined -

Mixed into the vegetables -

The first photo in this post is after the salad had been refrigerated.  I made this the night prior.  Here it is at the picnic -

We had a healthy picnic.  We had 3 kinds of salads and rolls with honey butter -

Even though it was a hot day we enjoyed a cooling breeze coming from the northeast off Lake Erie because we chose to enjoy the picnic on the grounds of the Marblehead Lighthouse.  Here are some goofy photos of me and my friends (I am in the first photo on the left) -

Beautiful Lake Erie -

Storms are really cropping up this summer with this heat.  You can always tell when a storm isn't that severe -- Lucy only hides part of her --

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas Photo Props

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I am up for the Pinterest challenge and decided to make something for Christmas that I had pinned.  My choice was to do some Christmas Photo Props --

I did not mean to scare you!!!!  In looking at the photos I had Mr. Cardigan take of me I should have been making some expressions - not worrying if I was holding it good for you to see!!!!  Ha!!

I love finding the many ideas on Pinterest - most of my pins come from blogs - and I found the idea for these Christmas Photo Props from Mustard Cut's Blog - and you can click here to see how she did hers!!

First, these are the supplies I assembled -

Yes, you do need that cup of coffee!!!!  I bought pieces of felt at JoAnn's at $.34 each and found the Elmer's Craft Bond glue there, too.

I started with Rudolph's nose and found a glass size that I liked.  I just used a pencil to trace my original on cardstock -

I cut out my original/master copy and then traced it with a pencil onto the felt (sometimes I had to use a black marker to trace if the felt was dark) -

After you cut it out on felt - repeat it on a piece thicker - sort of like a good shirt box or so.  I'm thinking a cardboard box would be hard to cut.  This you will end up gluing to the felt and it will make your prop sturdy -

Allow the glue to dry and then you can tape the stick to it (I'll show you that later in this post).  Here is how Lucy looks as Rudolph -

Now, we need the antlers.  I drew the antlers (after many attempts!!!!) freehand on paper first - then duplicated it onto cardstock to use as a master.  Repeat the process as above -

How does Lucy look as a Reindeer?

I think the 2 go pretty well together -

Now, for an Elf Hat -

How about Santa's Hat & Beard -

Here they all are -

I was undecided as to the kind of sticks I would use to hold them.  I had the thin bamboo skewers (found at Target a couple years ago) and also some cookie pop holders (found at a local craft store) -

In most of the photos I used the longer bamboo skewers because I though I needed the length.  But, I felt that they weren't sturdy enough.  So, I took off the bamboo skewers and replaced them all with the white sticks.  You can find these in 2 sizes with the cookie decorating supplies and I am using the longer ones.

I used clear packaging tape to hold them in place -

The finish product with the white sturdier sticks -

I hope that you have enjoyed this and that the photos of me gave you a good laugh!!!!  I cannot draw at all so I don't think they came out too bad!!!  As I got into this project I think that I will use them at my Cookie Exchange and take photos of 2-3 of us in them and then a big group photo.  Because I have enough felt (although I need more green for the Elf Hats) to make lots more.  So, I am continuing with these for the next week or two and making enough so that everyone will be able to have something.  Of course, leave it to me to make sure that Santa and Rudolph both need 2 props so I will be up to my eyeballs in felt, glue, etc.  (Also, thinking maybe I might make enough that my Christmas group that is meeting in September can use them in one of their group photos!!!!)  So many possibilities!!!!

I want to thank Centsational Girl for hosting this Pinterest Challenge.  Check out all the fab links to others who did the challenge by clicking here.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tea At Two -- A Fab Afternoon!!!!

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My friends and I were treated to a fab afternoon (thank you, Barb!!) in Fremont, OH with Ms. Grace at her wonderful Tea At Two!!!

Outside Ms. Grace's home (I am on the right and Gwen is on the left) -

Barb is on the left and Helen Jean on the right -

We strolled thru the garden area for a bit before sitting down -

Let the tea begin!!!  Lovely tea sandwiches -

Something sweet -

The finale - mini banana split -

We worked on a Victorian craft project - a star ornament - mine is the green one -

Strolling the rest of the gorgeous grounds -

Ms. Grace in the pink -

She has 2 peacocks and they had babies!!!  Could only get 3 of the family together -

We had an amazing time!!!  Ms. Grace has these teas monthly and there is a different theme/program each time.  I hope we get to go again one day!!!

I definitely did not feel like cooking dinner when I returned home from the tea.  So, we did what we always seem to do - order pizza!!!  Mr. Cardigan and Lucy are on 'pizza delivery watch'!!

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