Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas from the Gray Cardigan Family!!!!!!!

Lucy is so excited!!!!   Guess who put some presents under the tree?????

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Version of Egg McMuffins

I just made these for my husband and myself today -- the first of his many days off for the holidays!!

Here is what you'll need --

English muffins
American cheese slices
Canadian bacon

You will need one of each of the above for each Egg McMuffin you are making.

First, I get the Canadian Bacon going.  I put a small amount of water in a pan.  Get it hot and then put the Canadian Bacon in the pan for just a couple minutes on each side.  Put the heat on very low after this while you are waiting to assemble -

Before the bacon is done - start frying your eggs.  No yolk for these -

When your eggs are how you like them -- put a slice of cheese on top and put a lid over the pan.  Keep a watch because the cheese will be melted in a minute -

When the eggs are nearing completion - pop the english muffins in the toaster.  Lightly butter when the muffins are toasted -

All is now ready to assemble them -

I made a couple extra and have them in a container in the refrigerator ready to be microwaved maybe tomorrow for breakfast.  I love these and are sooooo good!!!!

Lucy likes to watch from here while I am working in the kitchen.  Especially when she smells the bacon -

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Come On In.........

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!

Enter our front door and I'll take you on a little tour --

You are entering the living room and this Shabby Chic tree is on the door opposite the leopard scarf snowman -

Continuing thru the living room -

The dining area -

My open kitchen area --

Thru the Master Bedroom --

Master Bathroom -

Laundry area --

And, on your way out the side door --

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Tour.  Please look at my other posts that offer more photos of my trees and mantel and ................

Lucy is waiting for Santa!!!  I told her she would have a long wait as it is 10 days before he comes.  But, she is worried that he won't think that she was 'nice' because she was a little 'naughty' during my Cookie Exchange!!  (I love how she has to make sure the blinds are propped open by her body!!!!! She does this even if the other half is wide open!)

A big thanks to The Nester who is hosting this tremendous Christmas Tour of Homes.  Please click here to see amazing Christmas home decorations!!!!

Only 8 Trees This Year!!!!

Last year was an all time high of 13 trees!  This year I knew that it would be less (it took me months to put everything away and that was still on my mind!!!!) and I was able to put up 8.  I hope that you enjoy them!!!

Let's begin with my main tree.  I bought this 7' champagne tree at Target several years ago after Christmas.  But, this is my first year putting it up.  I think it would look very good with certain colored ornaments, but I am using it for my main tree with all my various assortment of ornaments.  There's only so many places you can put a 7' tree!!

The topper -

Up close -

You can see the champagne color better with the room lights on -

My Mittens & Skates tree (which is a 6' corner tree) --

The Beach Tree (3' wall tree) --

My Purse Tree (a 4' pink tree) -

The Shabby Chic tree (this is a 3' pink wall tree) --

This is my dining room wall.  You can see my Southwest Tree on the wall and my 'bonus' tree (because I don't count it in my tree count because there is no decorating to it!) which is fiber-optic --

The 'bonus' tree - fiber optic --

The Southwest tree (a 4' wall tree) --

I just love these colors - my Turquoise & Brown tree (which is a 6' white half tree) -

This is my favorite tree - the Sweet Shoppe tree.  It is a 4' red tree and I keep it on the counter in the Master Bathroom.  We keep it lit all thru the night - like a night light!!

I think this really gives it a little something extra - this small cake plate with some faux cupcakes!!

I hope that you have enjoyed this year's trees.  This is Lucy's favorite spot and must be her favorite tree, too -

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