Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tree Parade!!

This year I decorated 13 trees (highest had been 8 trees previously) and all were themed except for the main tree.  So, let's begin the tree parade.......

Sweet Shoppe Tree -

Flamingo Tree -

Purse Tree -

Beach Tree -

Tool Tree -

New York Yankees Tree -

Disney Tree -

Mitten & Skates Tree -

Shabby Chic Tree -

Brown & Turquoise Tree -

Bright Colors Tree -

Southwest Tree -

Main Tree -

Please check out more of my blog to see many tree pics and the background for some of the themes. 

Lucy has been very good with the trees, but she has a special fondness for a certain area of our Main Tree. 
She is showing you "her area" -

Stop over to Sarah's Christmas Tree Party - you can click here.


Mama Bear said...

I love the themed trees! especially the tool tree with a hard top hat :-)

Comeca Jones said...

I love all the trees aooo fun!!!

radn said...

love the brown and blue tree!

Giggles said...

These are all so yummy and fun!!! Love the unique ones best!!! That's almost all of them!!! lol Good job!

Karen @ The Whimsical Lady said...

Wow... just thinking about decorating all of those trees is making me exhausted! They are all great but I LOVE the Sweet Shoppe Tree, The Shabby Chic Tree and I am very partial to the Disney tree. Fantastic!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

YAY - another flamingo lover!! I gotta say, that Sweet Shoppe one might be my favorite though - so adorable!

Get Nestled In said...

They are ALL so gorgeous! Happy Holidays to you!

Skooks said...

Very creative! I'm going to have to collect a LOT more ornaments if I'm ever going to attempt any kind of theme trees. said...

HELLO!!! Im your newest follower! IM LOOOOOOOOOOOOVIN your blog! Adore all the trees! I dont remember HOW i found you but what caught my attention was the 13 trees! I have a blog and I did 14 days of xmas trees! We MUST be Kindred SPIRITS! Im gonna enjoy spending time here pretty lady!
Would BEYOND ADORE it if you come visit my 14 trees :0)
I have a GIVEAWAY too!



Kyla said...

Love all your trees, especially the sweet shoppe tree. All of them were cute, cute, cute! Good job!

Carolina Carters said...

Love all of your trees. They look great!

Cate said...

These are looking amazing Janet!

Anne said...

I love all of the theme trees - I can't pick my favorite!

Veronika said...

They are all sooo fun! (:

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow! lots of trees! love them all. the red (first) one is my favorite! ... or the one attached to that cute cat!