Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Vignettes

I really enjoy doing "groupings" with my Christmas decorations.  Of course, when you have as much decorations as I do -- it is not a problem to gather a lot of "like" items. 

I am close to being finished with my decorating, but some areas are a bit of a disaster.  So, you'll be seeing some settings, but not the whole area just yet!!  The area above my computer has some Southwest scenes and at the very top is a forest of small trees.  First my Native American Nativity -

Above this shelf is all Southwest decor -

The  very top shelf is home this holiday season to all kinds of smaller Christmas trees -

A few tree close-ups --

We have 2 entertainment centers that are side-by-side (due to the layout of the living room) and I sure do need all those shelves when it comes time for Christmas decorating.

I love love love apothecary jars, bottle brush trees, & glitter houses.  My absolute favorites and you can't have too many of these.

Some close shots since these are my favorites -

I think it is only fitting that the Elves hang their laundry above my dryer, don't you?

In case you didn't know - Lucy is a big fan of all the "stuff" that comes with decorating (bags, tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc.).  Apparently, she is also a big fan of that giant of Christmas stores - Bronner's in Michigan.  I see she has combined both her loves and you must look closely to see the gray paw peeking out of the bag!!

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Cate said...

Some gorgeous groupings there - and have to agree with you on loving your stunning apothecary jars!