Wednesday, December 8, 2010

7 More Trees -- I Should Charge Admission!!!!

I have showed you 6 trees already (Sweet Shoppe, Flamingo, Beach, Purse, NY Yankees, & Tool themed trees).  I have finished with 13 trees.  Here are the rest for you to enjoy --

The Mittens & Skates Tree is new this year.  It is a 6' corner tree (love them!!) and fits nicely by the dining room table -

This skate I used as a topper I found at Kohl's -

Some close-ups --

This Disney Tree I have been putting up for a few years.  It is a 3' wall tree.

Love the little Santa Mickey hat (found on eBay) -

Some close-ups --

New this year is the Shabby Chic Tree.  I found this 3' pink wall tree online and loved it.

Here it is all dressed up in Shabby Chic -

The glistening topper -

Some close-ups --

Just my Bright Colors Tree.  I found the black tree on clearance at Border's and the ornaments at the after Christmas sales at Target a couple years ago.  This is in the Guest Bathroom.

The gold star topper -

Some close-ups --

Here are some bright accent pieces to go with the tree --

Gotta love my Southwest Tree.  This is on a 4' wall tree by the dining room table and next to the Mitten & Skates Tree.

A rusted star and cowboy boot for the toppers --

Some close-ups --

Just the glow of the chili pepper lights -

This has become my favorite of all the trees.  It is my Brown & Turquoise Tree.  It is on a 6' white prelit half tree.  It is in the Master Bedroom and fits nicely against the wall.  Very easy tree to put together.  I think the colors especially look good against the white tree.  It is much better in person, too, as the photos don't do it justice.

Love this topper -

Some close-ups --

I love to just look at it with only the tree lights on -

Lastly, our Main Tree.  This is a 7' tree in our Living Room area.  It is not themed and has an assortment of ornaments on it.

The star topper --

Some close-ups -- the round ornament in the middle is from the Bubble Room in Captiva, FL.  We enjoyed a lovely meal with our family during Christmas time last year.

See the fairy peeking out - keeping it all under control!!!

Must have animal print -

Found the wings at a Pier One in Florida last season -

So pretty with the lights low and just the (LED) glow from the tree --

Now, Lucy just loves to play (& sleep & eat!!).  With all these decorations comes lots of tissue paper and newspaper!  She was having a ball just diving into the newspaper -

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