Monday, December 20, 2010

Yummy Chocolate Pretzels

Don't these look yummy???

My good friend, Barb, came over on Sunday and we "went to town" melting and sprinkling these pretzels.  Because we all just love sweet & salty!!!!

This is what you'll need -

I melt about 3-4 squares of the bark at 50% power in the microwave at 40 second intervals and stir in between until it is melted.

We worked as a team and Barb swirled the pretzels in the melted chocolate and then turned it around while I sprinkled it -

These pretzels are a nice size - just 3 1/2" long so very easy to dip in a bowl.  I had a bag of the longer ones, but we were so tired out that we decided not to do them.  You see I always like to do things up big - so I had 4 of those bags of pretzels.  And, we did all of them and, therefore, needed a nap and couldn't do anymore!!  Just look at all the pretty ones we "sprinkled" -

You think we were tired - you should have seen Lucy!  She beat all of us and got to napping first -
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Hope Studios
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Cannary Family said...

OMG. This post reminds me of making chocolate dipped pretzels for my future mother-in-law over 25 yrs ago.! i need to go get the stuff to do that with my boys tomorrow!

Lamp Tramp said...

Those are amazing. I used to make them years ago, I love the sweet and sour also. You have a ton, must be giving as gifts?
Thanks for your comment. About my sea shell garland at front door, I just sort of threw it together. Ha Ha! All the white nautical rope was saved from my daughter's coastal themed wedding. (Those lengths of rope went on every pew in the church with gorgeous arrangements of green and white hydrangeas.)