Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Filling Empty Spaces On Your Christmas Tree Hint!!

Some of my trees look pretty full and others you think look full - until you take a photo and see tons of dreaded empty spaces.  Now, some people like the empty spaces - my husband being one.  But, in like most everything in my life, I want more & more & more!!!

Here is a hint that I discovered and thought others might like.  You just need plain or coordinating ornaments (glass or shatterproof) and some pipe cleaners that match or coordinate with your tree.

Just cut your pipe cleaner in half.  (You can find such neat colors in pipe cleaners now.  Love the sparkly ones.  I may have to stock up on different colors throughout the year so my supply will be ready next season!)  It is good to work in odd numbers - 3 seems to work good with this.  String 3 ornaments thru the pipe cleaner.

Now, give it a little twist or two to secure them.

Then, using the 2 strands of pipe cleaner - secure them to your tree to fill some empty spaces. 

You can see a couple sets in this pic -

If you want, stock up on these ornaments at the after Christmas sales.  I know that last year I found some at 50% off at Lowe's a week before Christmas!!  If you use smaller ornaments - then just cut your pipe cleaner in thirds.  If you were to use very large ornaments - then you might just need a full pipe cleaner.  Here are some others on one of my other trees.  This one has some on the lower right.

Here they are in the center of the pic -

If you squint you can see more in the upper left of this pic.  Lucy wanted to make sure that I had her centered and looking good.  These are good using shatterproof ornaments at the bottom of the tree if you have a pet or little one. But, Lucy just prefers to play (aka fight!!) with the tree skirt each day!!!  She is giving me that look - the one that says "Who, me????"

I am linking to Tutorial Tuesday at Hope Studios.  Check them out here.  Lots of great ideas!!
Hope Studios

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