Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Tulle Wreath

I enjoy making these tulle/netting wreaths for all the holidays.  Probably the longest part is getting your wire hanger in the shape you want.  I attempted to make a heart with the hanger.

I used 2 strips of white tulle to each red one.  (I thought that I had bought another spool of the red but apparently I did not.  The red one I had was already opened so I didn't know how long it would last and it came out just right using these proportions.)  I cut the tulle and put it on while watching a TV program.  That is the nice part of this type of project!

Click here to get to my previous post that has the tutorial and photos of the ones that I made for Christmas, Fall, and 4th of July.

I ventured out to get a photo of the wreath on the door with all the snow.

Here are more of the snow pics from Saturday.  We already had some snow but received quite a bit in just a few hours on Saturday afternoon.  Many of you have a lot more than we do -- and then there are those of you that have none!!!  I am ready to visit the places that have none!!!!!

Now, on the days when Lucy has been a bit naughty I get out the spray water bottle.  Sometimes she just squints her eyes at me and I don't do anything -- just the threat of it!!  But, she was chasing Ricky a lot one day (although in retrospect it may have been deserved but hard to tell yet!!) and I went chasing Lucy with the spray bottle.  She is sooooo smart that she thought she would hide from me -- too bad she isn't smaller!!!!

Can you see Lucy peeking out on the right side and her tail towards the left?  I was laughing so hard!!!!!  She hid between the vertical blinds and the sliding glass door - you know how much room that has!!  Like -- couldn't she find a better place??????

I am linking this to Boogieboard Cottage's Masterpiece Monday.  You can find more ideas here.
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Mary said...

I love your Valentine tree and wreath, adorable! Thank you for linking to Masterpiece Monday! Have a nice week, Mary :O)

Alison said...

Thanks for stopping by Classy Columbus Designs! I have used that frame in so many different rooms, and have put lots of dfferent stuff inside it! It was one of the best $3 purchases I have ever made! Love your wreath!