Friday, January 17, 2014

Mini Sweet Peppers w/String Cheese

This title says it all -- it is just Mini Sweet Peppers with String Cheese.

I found this on Pinterest with nothing but the heating instructions.  So, I don't know who to give credit.  I found the sweet peppers at Walmart, but they also have them at Kroger - so you should be able to find them at a grocer near you.

I rinsed and dried the sweet peppers -

Cut a little slot across the top under the stem - then slit them -

Using a teaspoon - try to get most of the seeds out - they were all at the top -

Take a stick of the String Cheese and cut in either thirds or halves depending on the size of the peppers and place them inside the pepper -

I sprayed my broiler pan with Pam and placed them on it (I only made up half the bag of peppers this time) -

Broil them for approximately 10 minutes - keeping an eye on them -

These were so good and Mr. Cardigan just raved about them!!!!!!

As you know I put up a huge amount of Christmas decorations and it also takes me forever to put it all away.  Especially since it is a job that I hate and brings me no joy!  In this box (almost all is in totes except a couple boxes) I have put away and wrapped most of the decor from my Mittens & Skates tree.  It has sat on the couch for several days and Lucy finally got the urge to inspect it -

She warmed them up for a bit.  I hope that I packed them well - Lucy is not exactly tiny!!!!

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