Thursday, December 24, 2015



I have loved these Galvanized Tiered Stands ever since I saw them on Priscilla's Blog.  You must see how she does these for holidays & every day!  I found mine on Ebay, but I think Amazon might have them, too.  I wasn't sure how I was going to decorate it for this first season so as I was going thru all my decorations I would put aside anything that might do.  So, even though it looks like it was all thrown in there -- it was lovingly placed & rearranged until I thought it looked good.  Enjoy!

This was Lucy the other day when Mr. Cardigan was wrapping some presents.  She was all nice & cozy inside a container of shirt boxes!!

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Drew Watts said...

Yeah this tiered stand is so pretty and is perfect for placing Christmas ornaments. It is looking superb in these pictures. Thanks for the photos. I saw such a cute tiered stand at some Christmas shopping fest at some local event venue Chicago. Now I think I should have bought that.