Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dishwashing Liquid Container

If you want to add a little color to your kitchen sink area - try putting your liquid dishwashing soap in a decorative container --

This was actually an old ketchup bottle.  It might have been from the 70's??  You might be able to find these at some garage sales.  I just bought a pour top found in the beverage section - although it fits too loose and I must take it off to pour but it's not a problem -

I was at the Libbey Glass Outlet again (I'll show more photos in a future post) and saw these bottle containers that would be perfect for this -

I try to think ahead and get an appropriate color for upcoming holidays.  We don't go thru it very fast as we have a dishwasher but there are always dishes that do have to be washed by hand!!  This blue Dawn soap will be nice for 4th of July.  When that bottle is finished (there is lots more in the original container under the sink!!) it will probably be Fall and I might get the green Palmolive for the Christmas season!!

Did you ever wonder when you got somewhere -- how you were going to get down?  I'm sure that is what Lucy is thinking here --

I am linking to Somewhat Simple's Blog Party.  You can see more ideas at her blog here.


Comeca Jones said...

You are right it just makes things in the kitchen look neater.

April said...

My cousin does the same thing. I always want to put the dish soap under the cabinet, but my hubby always leaves it one the sink. I have been meaning to do this because it looks so much nicer than a dawn bottle just lying around, but always forget! ~April @ Wildflowers & Whimsy