Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patriotic Flower Wreath

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I've had everything to make this wreath and finally put it all together last night.  It only took an hour -- why, oh why do I procrastinate so?????

I used a 12" styro wreath and 2 large red, white & blue flower stems.  Wreath from Pat Catan's and the flowers from Hobby Lobby.  The blue flowers on the left I did not use.

I knew that I needed to cover the white on the wreath and used a roll of patriotic ribbon that was 3' in length (it fit perfectly).  I then used 2 pins to hold the end in place on the back.

Proceeding to cut the flowers off the stem to just below the first greenery.  Originally, I had intended to poke the stems thru the styrofoam, but between the ribbon and the stems not being sharp enough - it was not going to happen.  So, I got out the low heat glue gun and glued all the stems onto the ribbon.

It was all a perfect fit -- just enough flowers to go around!

I had wanted to put this wreath facing the outside - between the screen door and the interior door.  But, I knew that the blaring sun would not go well with the glue -- so it is now facing the inside for us to enjoy!

If you click on the above pic - you can see the faux beads of water on the flowers -- so pretty!!

Lucy has a snack every day when Mr. Cardigan comes home from work.  Lately, she has been having 'food coma' after the snack --  Ha!

I am linking to The Answer Is Chocolate's BFF Open House Linky Party.  Just click here to see the many ideas - food & crafts!!

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Perfect wreath for the Fourth! And thanks so much for the shout out about my party. So glad you linked up!