Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Few Lighthouses in Ohio

I live in an area where we have a wonderful lighthouse that is still operational - The Marblehead Lighthouse -

This is the oldest continuous operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes having begun in 1822.  My YaYa's had a picnic there last summer -

It was a very hot July day, but the breeze coming off Lake Erie made it bearable.  You can see Cedar Point from the lighthouse -

You can get this close to the lake -

Just beautiful -

I made a quick stop in December to take a few photos -

Now look at the lake in December -- with Kelleys Island off in the distance -

The YaYa's decided that we should visit more of the lighthouses in Ohio (at least those we can see from land!!).  We have made one trek already and was it a cold Saturday a few weeks ago.  We thought it would be Lighthouses & Goodwills.  There aren't any photos of any Goodwill finds as I did not find anything.  Some of the other gals did -- but nothing was calling my name!!

We started close to home and went east.  This is the Huron Lighthouse -

This is still operational and was built in 1936 -

So cold & windy --

Here is the Vermilion Lighthouse -

This is a replica - the original was moved to Lake Ontario.  This replica was built in 1992, whereas the original was built in 1847.

This was as close as we could get to the Lorain Lighthouse -

It was very windy at this location.  I had trouble holding the camera still.  This was built in 1917.  

We visited Goodwills in these towns after visiting the lighthouses.  We hope to visit more on the east side of Cleveland in the future (and at a warmer time!) and maybe catch some in Michigan, too.  Lighthouses & Goodwills is our theme!!!  One a treasure and the other hoping to find a treasure!!

And, Lucy -- I think she is tired of hearing about it --

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