Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mixing Animal Prints in the Dining Room

Now that Easter is over I am getting the decor ready for Spring/Summer.  I'm not sure how much time I will have to switch things up -- so it might stay this way all summer long (with a little of 4th of July mixed in later!).

I decided to do animal prints in the dining area. 

I had everything except the table runner which was a good find on Ebay.

I love this leopard print bowl found at TJMaxx a long time ago -

I have had these candle for quite a while and cannot even remember where they came from -

I thought the mix & match of animal prints came out pretty good -

Wait!!  I still had to do the walls.  Now, I did some searching.  I found this on clearance a couple years ago at Hobby Lobby and it was to go in our Master Bedroom when I redid it in animal print.  Well, that is still in my head so for now here it is -

This was also from Hobby Lobby - last year at 50% off -

Now, what do you think doesn't quite go with the theme?

But, it does go with Spring, right?

I'm very pleased with how it all looks - especially since I had almost all of it.  I wonder if I will unearth any other animal prints?

As the Easter was put away - it became a great place for Lucy to nestle --

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Susan Entwistle said...

I think Lucy loves the Dining Room. I love, love, love the bowl. I am coming to your house to slip it into my overly large purse I've brought along just for such an occasion.