Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Door Decor for Warmer Weather

I usually don't decorate the small garage door, except in the Fall I have a nice Fall Swag I had made.  But, I decided that I wanted to spruce up the door (aside from some painting that needs to be done!!) and welcome in the warmer weather that we in northern Ohio are finally enjoying!  What do you think?

I found everything at our regional craft store Pat Catan's.  Here are the Gerber Daisies and the rustic narrow basket.

I used black wire - the kind I use with some of my beading - to secure the flowers in place -

We get a lot of wind back there - so I also used that thin black wire to wrap around this flower basket and secure it on the inside of the door.  You can see it in these photos, but not at all from the road -

I will probably be making something similar for my front door - as I have a narrow space between the outside storm door and the inside door.  I'll be letting you know how that one goes!

Now, Lucy loves it when I'm decorating.  As you can see when we recently were putting away the Easter decorations --

I am linking to Hope Studios - Tutorial Tuesdays.  Just click here to get some amazing ideas!!
Hope Studios

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