Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Door Decor

May has turned out to be crazy busy month for me and I suspect June to be the same.  I have been so behind on my blogging (amongst other things!!) but I wanted to show you a super simple front door decor that I put together in just a few minutes -

I found all these items at our regional craft chain - Pat Catan's.  This was a very simple cone shape basket -

Found these on sale -

And, did not have to wire them in at all - just placed them in the basket -

See - super easy and inexpensive -

Look who was waiting for me when I came back in the side door from taking the front door photo -

I am linking to Under the Table and Dreaming Sunday Showcase.  Just click here to see all the fabulous ideas.
By Stephanie Lynn

1 comment:

Christine Graves said...

So sweet! Purple is my favorite color. and I love your furry door guarder!