Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flamingo Tree - 3rd Tree!

I decided to do the Flamingo Tree this year in the living room as the Main Tree.  I only put this up once prior and that was in the Studio/Office and not seen often.  I was just in the mood to change things up and it was a last minute decision and I'm liking it!!

I used a 6' pre-lit white tree bought at WalMart several years ago -

Note Lucy coming in to inspect at the bottom right -

I love this drapery garland that I have gotten at Hobby Lobby in the past.  I was hoping to find some pink this year!!  I used 4 packages for this tree -

I have two packages of very nice flamingo garland found online several years ago.  I draped them vertically this year -

The topper - I have this on both sides of the tree -

The tree skirt - my flamingo version -

Here are all the ornaments in between.  Enjoy!

You would think that Lucy would be intrigued by the Flamingos.  But, an open chair with sun shining on it proved to be no comparison -

I am linking to Sew Darn Crafty's Linky Party.  Just click here to see all the fantastic ideas.

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