Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Refrigerator Ornaments

I have been wanting to make these and bought all the items a couple years ago.  It was so easy -- it took me about 15 minutes!!  Why did I wait all these years to make them!!!!

This is all you need - some magnets and a small tube of Liquid Nail.  I found all these at Walmart - magnets in the craft area and the Liquid Nail by the adhesives.  I have lots of ornaments bought at the after Christmas sales so I decided to use all silver ones this time.

Just dab some Liquid Nail on the magnet -

And, place the ornament on top -

I was doing about 4 at a time.  Here they are drying on a TV tray -

Wait at least a good hour to dry -

Then, have fun -

How about a flashback to a little Lucy photo?

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