Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spinach & Mozzarella Egg Bake

An easy and delicious Breakfast/Brunch Food or could use as an Appetizer.

4 C. packed fresh spinach
olive oil
1 1/2 C. shredded mozzarella
1/3 C. sliced green onions
8 eggs, beaten
dashes of salt, pepper, garlic powder 

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spray 9 x 12 dish with cooking spray.

Heat some olive oil in a skillet.  Add spinach and stir until the spinach is wilted.  Put the spinach in the bottom of the 9 x 12 dish - spreading it around so the bottom is all covered.  Layer the mozzarella cheese and sliced green onions on top of the spinach.  

Beat the eggs & seasonings.  Pour this mixture over the other layers.  Make sure everything is evenly combined.  Bake approx. 35 minutes - until it is set.  Cool for 5 minutes before serving.  

Could be served with sour cream, hot sauce, etc.  

Again, with so much that I make, any leftovers are good microwave.  

Cooking the spinach until wilted --

Wilted spinach in bottom of dish --

Mozzarella cheese & onions on top --

Egg mixture poured over --

All baked --

I haven't had much time (or inclination) to cook lately as I am in the thick of my Christmas decorating.  The plan is to put up 9 trees (3' & higher -- all themed) this year.  I made a pretty intensive breakdown of weekdays & weekends starting on Nov. 1 with several days planned of taking down all my Fall & Halloween decos.  I did great for the first week.  But, I am now a good 5 days behind schedule.  I am hoping to be all decorated (and I have a ton of decorations!!!) by Thanksgiving weekend as I am having a gathering here on Dec. 6.  You'll see all the decorations here soon.  Thank goodness that retired Mr. Cardigan is willing to help with the cooking chores (that & calling from one of the pizza places for delivery!!!).

This is what Lucy thinks of all my Christmas decorating!!!!

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