Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tool & New York Yankees Trees

It all started with these lights -

See the lighted saw, screwdriver, etc.?  I found those at 'Tis the Season which is a year-round Christmas shop in Berlin, OH (Amish country).  This store is fantastic - is 3 levels - and if you see something you'd better buy it because it might not  be there next visit.  Anyway, our youngest grandson has always been fascinated with and loves tools.  So, I bought the light set and thus began a tool tree for him (but keeping it at our home, of course!!).  This is a 3' tree - can't remember where I bought it - and it must be kept indoors (don't know why? so we don't store it in the garage attic with the rest).

Here is the topper -

Some close-ups --

The base of the tree -

Here is a full view -

We couldn't leave our oldest grandson (Tool Tree's big brother!) without his very own tree.  So, it was natural that we do a New York Yankees tree for him since that is his favorite baseball team.  This is a 6' corner tree. (love these corner trees - it's an easy way to fit in a tree when you think you don't have room)

Here is the topper -

Some close-ups --

Here is the base of the tree.  This is fleece material I found on eBay.

New York Yankees Tree (sorry Cleveland Indians!) -

Here are both the trees.  They are on each side of the fireplace.

Lucy loves our grandsons.  In fact, she is really family to them.  Their cat is Lucy's mother!  Lucy was from the first litter - a litter of 1!!!!  Just Lucy!!  She is 1 1/2 yrs. old now, but when she was little she would be very tired after the boys visited us!  (they live near us so we see them all the time!)  This was Lucy at 2 1/2 months old after the boys went home after a visit here.  She was soooooo tired.....

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