Monday, January 17, 2011

Loving Mod Podge & Paper Mache

I bought this "Believe" at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago.  I'm not sure how I thought I was going to dress it up, but this past Fall when I saw someone doing the tissue paper/mod podge on the faux pumpkins -- I had the "ah ha!" moment!!

So, you could do this in any of the shapes that you can find in the paper mache section of your craft store (or maybe just in your "stash").  You will need mod podge and a brush.  Here is the process -

I would spread mod podge on the "wrong side" of strips/squares of tissue paper and then put them on.  I would use my fingers or a pencil to smooth it on somewhat.  This sign was harder than I thought because of having to get into all the little nooks. 

I had used a little trick that I saw online of using a page in an old catalog as a base to spread any mod podge or glue.  That sure makes it easier.  I just continued the gluing process til finished.  I did both sides.  I then used some gold ribbon to cover the base.

Now, I am a huge fan of anything animal print!!!  It doesn't take much tissue paper to do this either - you might get by with just one sheet.  I want to show you a few other projects I did with mod podge and tissue paper.  These pumpkins are what started it all.  The pumpkins were from Dollar Tree and when I did these I already had the tissue paper in my stash.  That is tissue paper with the black polka dots.

Depending on the project you are doing - you might want to paint the surface prior.  I did that with the polka dot pumpkins.  The "orange" would have shown right thru -- so I spray painted them white first -- and it doesn't have to be a good job because no one will see them.  I just hot glued any embellishments on. (Also, spray painted the animal print pumpkins in tan, too.)

I did these wood letters with mod podge and scrapbook paper.

That is my "love" for mod podge!!!!!  Oh, and also my new love for tissue paper.  I've already had to replenish my animal print and just recently I was in Hobby Lobby and bought a package of red bandanna print and a white with gold print.  I'll be picking up various prints that I like in tissue paper as I see them so I will have a nice assortment in my stash!!

Here is an update on how Lucy & Ricky are "tolerating" each other - kind of!!!!!

That is about as close as they get to each other when they aren't chasing each other and "hissing".  This is going to be a process!!!!  And, the above does not happen often.  Mostly, Ricky sleeps on a chair in our bedroom and when Lucy isn't guarding Ricky, then Lucy is sleeping in the living room.

I am linking to BoogieBoardCottage's Masterpiece Monday which you can reach here.  Click to see lots of ideas.
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Boogieboard Cottage said...

I love your Valentines tree and modge podge projects, great job! your kitties are quite adorable too! Thank you for linking to Masterpiece Monday. Mary :O)