Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shelltime Mantel

I have been loving shells since our trip to my daughter's home in Florida over a year ago.  All these shells were gathered from the beach near her home and flew back with me on the plane - which was another story!!  Thank goodness my grandsons are strong!! 

The sand dollars were collected by my grandsons and brought back here by my daughter.  The starfish were purchased just down the road from the beach.  Now, for some close-ups --

Photos were from that trip, too --

This is not the mantel - but an extension of the decor --

I just have to show you my dining room table.  I switched the Easter eggs for shells in my floral --

Now for Lucy the Explorer - always going to new heights!!  She couldn't resist the mantel being clear (and also the table nearby was clear to give her a boost!) and I caught her up here a few times.  Hopefully, she will leave it alone now that it is decorated --

I am linking to The Lettered Cottage's Summer Mantel Linky Party.    Please go here to see all the great ideas.
The Lettered Cottage


Nelly said...

I love how you used your shells! You've given me inspiration to add beach photos to my summer mantel. Thanks!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Decorating and making things with hand collected shells are the best. Lovely mantel. Just saw you over at Simone's and thought I say hi. Always love to meet sea lovers!!