Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's Food - French Toast with Bangers & Reubens!!!!

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Besides dressing in green on St. Patrick's Day I also planned our meals around the holiday.  I bought a package of Bangers at Trader Joe's (have never made them before!!).  So, I fixed them for breakfast to go with French Toast.  I make my French Toast with vanilla - and this is how I do mine --

For this batch I made about 6 pieces and I used this amount and whisk:

3 eggs
about 1 T. milk
a good tsp. of vanilla
sprinkling of cinnamon

Here is the egg/milk/vanilla mixture whisked --

Whisk some cinnamon into this --

Dip bread into this and flip and do other side --

Fry in skillet that has some melted butter --

Flip and do other side --

Now, for the bangers.  I put some margarine in a pan and fried them until done --

The French Toast is delicious -- but I think I would prefer our regular breakfast sausage instead of the Bangers --

For our evening meal I made Reuben sandwiches.  If you don't make these -- try them because it is such a nice meal to put together quickly --

You will need -
pkg. beef (or corned beef, but Mr. Cardigan doesn't like it)
swiss cheese
rye bread

You make these just like doing a grilled cheese sandwich.  Butter the rye bread --

Place the bread butter-side down in a warmed-up skillet.  Put as much beef or corned beef as you like on top (I use 1 small package of the Buddig brand beef per sandwich and I use the larger rye bread.) --

Using a fork put as much sauerkraut as you like on top of the beef --

Swiss cheese slices on top --

The other slice of rye bread butter-side up --

Make these just like grilled cheese - keep checking when each side is finished.  I have a nice spatula that is great for turning over larger sandwiches like these --

Love these with Thousand Island Dressing to dip the sandwich in --

Doesn't it look like Lucy is having a time-out????

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