Monday, March 26, 2012

Shell Mirror

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What do you think?  I used mostly shells from my trip to the Bonita Springs, FL area and the narrow ones that come to a point -- they are from Ohio right along Lake Erie!!!!  I used a little beach glass purchased from Michael's craft store, too.

Here is what I had to begin --

I had found this mirror (that has a stand in the back like a photo frame) from a craft-type store called Flower Factory near Cleveland.  I think there are still a few locations open, but the one that I was at has since closed.  I know I found that at least a year ago.  Last summer I painted it in the garage --

I also sprayed the shells in the garage (for ventilation) with a gloss sealer so they would have a nice shine --

Everything sat in the house as I procrastinated until this weekend when I decided I needed to do a craft post!!!!  Thank you blog for giving me motivation!!

I just began using my hot glue gun until I got it how I wanted it.  I did want some of the aqua background to show so I didn't fill it in entirely --

Began the endless task of removing all those glue strands --

The mirror can be removed as it is just like a picture frame in the back and a large photo could be put in place.  I just love shells.  I have also used my Florida shells to make a couple shell trees -

You can click on my blog post here to see how those were made.

I am starting to decorate for Easter.  Here is a little glimpse --

Lucy likes to take advantage of the changing of the decorations.  Suddenly areas that are filled are now empty and can be explored --

I am linking to Skip To My Lou's Made By You Monday.  You can see all the great posts by clicking here.

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Susan Entwistle said...

Nice job with the shells. Another thing you can do rather than paint (if you're lazy, like me) is fill in the space around them with sand. And I absolutely adore the 4 bunnies. have two sets, are you sure you didn't get one of them for me :) Have a great week!