Friday, April 27, 2012

When decorating your walls -- Look Around!

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Just look around when decorating your walls -- you never know what you might find!  I put this up as part of my spring decor --

Many years ago I was going to make something similar and give as gifts for Mother's Day.  Instead, I found them at Penney's - just like this - on sale!  Score!!!!  A couple years ago my decorating mind was expanded by all the great blogs out there - which taught me to 'think outside the box'!  This is how it was originally -

I wrapped some wire (the kind I use for my beaded silverware - any kind will do) around the back -

Then, placed it on the wall -

Look really good around your home.  There are many items that you can use to decorate in places that you wouldn't ordinarily think they would go.

That's how Lucy feels about this empty table once the Easter tree was put away.  She feels that it should be her bed and not a place for a floral arrangement -

I am linking to Whipperberry - Friday Flair Link Party.  Just click here to see the amazing crafts, recipes & projects.

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