Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finally - 2012 Halloween Decorations!!

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We begin at the Front Door - 

The Living Room - 

Photo Wreath of Halloweens Past -

Last year the youngest grandson came in too quick for me to get his picture.  When he came back at the end of the night and emptied his bag to sort his candy he said I could take his leg only -- I thought it only appropriate that picture make it onto the Halloween photo wreath -

Lucy even made the photo wreath.  Here is the photo from last year of the oldest grandson staring her down.  Can you find it in the photo above?  It's hard to see but it's on the right side -

On to the dining room -

Moving to the kitchen area -

The bathroom is always decorated, too -

Side door has a tulle wreath -

Outside there is a door decor I made a couple years ago and it holds up nice from year to year -

I hope you enjoy a little tour of most of my Halloween decorations.  I know that Lucy enjoys them.  I moved the dining room chairs into the living room to vacuum and this is what I found - looks like she has her eye on that silver glitter skull in the birdcage -

I am linking to The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays.  Click here to get a lot of inspiration.
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Infuse With Liz said...

You have some cute decorations! You did a nice job on the trees! I didn't know they had snowbabies for halloween too! Those are very cute! Looks like kitty got a good scare! That photo wreath is very interesting- I've never seen one before! Good idea!

Barbara said...

What a wonderful display, Janet!

Pam Fields said...

Wow! I am so impressed. I was thankful to get a pot of mums and a pumpkin out. :)

I have tagged you in a game of blog tag. Go here: to find out how to play and to meet new bloggers.
Let me know if you choose not to participate. Thanks and hope to be reading your answers soon. :)

Serge said...

This is definitely the first time I've seen a Christmas tree turned into a Halloween tree. I'll definitely try this one out for this year's celebration!