Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Planning for Christmas 2013

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I know that some of you have put Christmas far behind you, but I had decorated so much that it takes most of the dismal January (I live in the north - can you tell??  Ha!!) to put it away.  Before I started that task I looked at each room and made plans for Christmas 2013.  Some of my trees will stay the same, a couple from this year I will not use next year, I will be changing a couple around, and some I didn't use this year will appear again in 2013.  I plan to have the same number of trees - 9 - just a reconfiguration - as it should be to keep it lively!!

I am keeping my notes nearby (after the decos are put away these notes will be in my planner for me to reference often) as I pack the decorations away.  For example -

it dawned on me -- I have one of those small birdcages for decorating but no bird!  I have several on my main tree - so I have them put aside and will have them throughout the year if I need them for decorating -

I have decided to still us my champagne colored tree as my Main Tree, but to only use red and green ornaments on it next year.  I am separating my red and green ones and these will be at the top of the tote (and, yes, I do have to buy a lot of red and green ones before December!!) -

I am going to use one of my 6' corner trees in our bedroom and put my Mom's ornaments and my Snowbaby ornies on it.  Several years ago that tree bit the dust and I just went to plan B with decorating in that room.  Now, I'm going to be re-introducing those ornaments to a different tree.  I had a new Snowbaby ornament on the Main Tree that is now separated -

I want to do something completely different for my mantel this coming year.  It finally came to me - Reindeer Everywhere!!!  I have several ideas and gathered up the different reindeer from the tree and various places and will pack them away together -

Even if you have your decorations all taken down - just take a little time over a cup of coffee and think back or look at your photos.  Now, is a good time to make a plan for Christmas 2013 and you can spread your buying, crafting, and online browsing throughout the entire year!!!!

Lucy enjoys when we start to pack things away - she is so curious.  She loves the paper/tissues and has so much fun 'hiding' in them.  Oh, Lucy -- where are you???

I am linking to Inside BruCrew Life's Trick or Treat Tuesday!!!  Just click here and look at all the great ideas!
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imklvr said...

This is a great idea! And love your Lucy! Our Maggie is the same way. She 'hides' and figures if she cant see you, you can't see her! Cats are so fun!