Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mod Podging Letters

Isn't this cute?

It all started with a request on Facebook from my daughter's friend from college.  She is expecting her third child and wanted to do his nursery with the alphabet on the wall.  She showed a photo how she would like it - all the letters were different in color, pattern and sizes.  She put the request out there if any family or friends would be interested in doing a letter.  I think she was down to the final 5 letters when a lightbulb went on -- of course, I could do a letter.  I picked the letter 'H' as it was the only letter left that had any significance - my mother's first name began with an H.

I knew what I was going to do as I already had some red bandana tissue paper.  I just needed to get the letter.  I found a paper mache one that is probably about 12" high.

You just need the letter, tissue paper, brush, and some mod podge (I used the glossy) -

Cut the tissue paper in smaller pieces - no set rule - maybe 2" x 2" for what I was doing.  I only used 1 sheet and I covered both sides of this letter so it doesn't take much -

I began to cover areas of the letter with mod podge - about the area a little  bigger than one piece of paper -

Press the paper onto the letter - trying to smooth it out with the brush - then go over the paper with more mod podge -

Keep brushing - you don't want to leave a thick amount still on - but you can leave some as it does dry clear -

With this particular letter - I did it in 2 sittings not very far apart - so it could stand on one end to begin to dry.  You will definitely want the finished letter to dry overnight.  Before that - make sure all the edges are sealed - I did some little touch-ups here and there before I let it sit overnight.  

I am anxious to see the alphabet wall when she is finished.  I sent it to her without a hanger in the back because I wasn't sure how she wanted to do it.  Whether at the top of each side or in the middle bar.  With paper mache she can have many options to hang it - using ribbon stapled to the back - putting some holes in the back and sliding a nail thru, etc.  

This is a cute idea if you are having a baby shower.  You could have the guests bring an assigned decorated letter.  Also, this is a great way to decorate your walls.  Can you imagine a large EAT in your dining room?  Or you could do initials in your children's rooms.  The possibilities are endless.  Just think what you could do for the holidays - any holiday!!!

Be on the lookout at craft stores in the tissue paper area to add interesting patterns to your stash!!

Now, Lucy on the other hand is enjoying napping on the top of the couch - making sure that area sinks further and further - but the big window is right behind her so she can also enjoy the birds and the trash truck came today!!

I am linking to Stone Gable's Tutorials, Tips, and Tidbits.  Just click here to see the fabulous ideas!!

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