Friday, March 22, 2013

Moss Covered Letters

I'm sure you've seen these over Pinterest - but they are really easy and you can make them for many holidays -
This is what you will need -

Wood letters (Mine already had a hole in the bottom for what I wanted)
adhesive (I used a spray adhesive, but you could use mod podge or a glue gun)
Moss (I bought a moss mat - sold in the same area as loose moss but this is a bit more expensive so try to purchase using a store coupon)

Place newspapers on your surface because some moss does come loose.  I cut out small areas of the moss mat that would fit each letter.  I sprayed the 'good' side of the letter and then placed it down on the 'wrong' side of the moss -

I let this set for a little while.  Meanwhile, if you didn't prep your sticks - it could be done now.  I bought a 1/16" dowel and had Mr. Cardigan cut it into 3 equal pieces.  I used a paint pen to color them -

Now, it is time to cut around the wood letters.  Just use a regular pair of scissors - do not use a really good one.  It trims pretty easy -

I did not have much waste this way.  I next had my containers - which were small clay pots - and had small styrofoam balls inside.  I was going to use Easter Grass to cover the styrofoam, but found that I needed something heavier.  I looked around my stash and found some decorative stones instead -

Using a glue gun - I put a small amount in the hole at the bottom of the wood letter - and quickly placed the dowel in it -

I let them set for a little bit - this was when I was searching for a replacement for the Easter Grass!!  Then, put them in the styrofoam ball and finished my EasterScape!!

Holiday decorating is so boring to Lucy - at least after she is finished inspecting all the totes.  So, she was deep into her nap.  Now, I have to ask you ---- how can she breathe?

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Barbara F. said...

Nice tutorial, I think I can even manage to make some letters! xo