Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Dining Table Centerpieces Present & Past

As I keep saying -- I am still deep into my decorating -- but one of the first decorating that I did was my dining room table centerpiece.

This year I used some of my Snowbabies.  Doesn't it look like they are having such wintery fun??  I found these white ornaments at Menards and think they look like snowballs on the Snowbabies Sled!

I have not gotten into doing the full tablescapes yet -- although it is not for lack of dishes!!!!  We don't use the dining room table for eating much, but I would like to work on changing that.  I thought I would show you the dining room table the past four Christmas seasons to see how I switch things up!!!!

I used a ladies Christmas scarf instead of a table runner -

I did not get a good photo last year of my Frosty hat that had red ting-tings sticking out of it.

All this table decor talk has gotten Lucy very tired!!!!  You know she must be in a deep sleep in a position like that!!!!!

I am linking to The Lettered Cottage's Christmas Table Decor Linky Party.  Please click here  to see the beautiful decor and to get lots of ideas!!!
The Lettered Cottage

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marilyn scott said...

Is the cat also the centerpiece too? LOL, now you gave me idea, just kidding. Anyway, you;ve got great Christmas table decorations there. Thanks for sharing.