Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Fun Fur Wreath

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This is such an easy wreath to make.  (You can make this for any holiday with the appropriate colors and embellishments.

All you need is one pkg. of Fun Fur (found at Walmart or your favorite craft store), an 8" styrofoam round form, and any embellishments you may want to use.  (Note - I used about 3/4 of the pkg. of Fun Fur.  If you are using a larger wreath form then you may want to get another pkg.)

This took me just under an hour so this is perfect to do while watching a TV show!!

Wrap your yarn around the wreath and tie it in a knot to secure it.  Then, just begin to wrap it all around.  This will take the longest and at times it might feel like you are not getting anywhere - that's why a TV show will help to distract that thought!!

When finished just tie in a knot -

I already had these Valentine goodies in my stash so I just glued them on - the hearts had a little sticky dot on the back that I just peeled off to stick - cupid did not but I just used some sticky tape for him.  You could use ribbon to hang the wreath.  I use a safety pin in the back and use that as a way to hang it.

I originally saw a version of this on Pinterest for Spring/Easter and I made this one last year -

You can see additional pictures on how I made it by clicking here.

As you can tell by looking at Lucy that she enjoys her treats and mealtime!  She knows the routine here and her body knows when it is lunch time.  She always wants a sample of what I am having - even if just to sniff it!!  The other day she was sound asleep in the chair.  Very quietly I got up and was thinking what I should have for lunch and I happened to look up and this is what I saw -

Watching my every move!!!

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