Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Mesh Wreath

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This took less than an hour to make and you really can't go wrong with it -- even if it's your first time trying one.

This is a work frame - see how the branches are spaced apart and that there are 2 rows of them?  This is the deco mesh I used.  This was a part roll that you will see later that I used it also on a Christmas one.  So, you can get a lot out of one roll.

I went around and attached one row - then came around to do the other row -

Just grab a handful and twist the branches once or twice to secure it -

It needed something more so I looked thru my ribbon stash to find something coordinating.  I just went around it once - gently unsecuring the branches to put in the ribbon then twisting it back -

All finished --

I embellished with a couple heart picks and heart sequin ornaments.  I will keep this all attached - not quite sure where yet - to just bring out next Valentine's.

I made one for Christmas that I keep hanging on a spare bedroom closet door with a door hanger.

You can see how I made that one by clicking here.

Lucy just loves her little mice and she has quite a collection.  Still - she has some favorites as I discovered when I found a handful under the couch.  She immediately gathered up the smallest one - a white one.  Here you can see her playing with it -

Carrying it in her mouth -

Guarding it -

Hiding it - or trying to --

Finally, playing with it under this skirted table - see Lucy's tail and to her left you can see part of the white mouse (you can always click on any photos to see them larger) --

I am linking to Boogieboard Cottage's Masterpiece Monday.  Just click here to see all the fabulous ideas!
Boogieboard Cottage


Marie said...

Loved your site. I'm hopping here from Masterpiece Monday. BTW your Lucy and my Smokey could be twins. Love my fur babies.

imklvr said...

OK. Lovin' this decomesh stuff. Looks like I'll be getting some! Lovin' your Lucy too! My Maggie would play 'fetch' with her mice. I'd throw it, she'd go get it and bring it back to me to throw again! When she was younger she thought she was a dog. Cats and grandkids...aren't they the greatest? Dona