Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Making A Monumental Birthday Special

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My daughter recently celebrated her 40th birthday!  I wanted to do something special and earlier in the year I finally made a plan.  I would give her 40 presents!!!  I wanted these gifts to be special and to range in price.  I started about 6 months prior and slowly began to accumulate some gifts, keeping track of them on a notepad.

I kept the wrapping simple just using tissue paper and a few rolls of wrapping paper from the dollar store.

Post-its were used so she would open them in a certain order.  I wanted to space out the 'really good' gifts and ones that were similar.  This is the gifts all packaged & on the short drive to her house --

The gifts on her dining room table ready to be opened --

This was one of the first gifts I bought and I knew it would be the first one that she should open.  A 'crown' headband --

Here are some of the gifts --

I bought from everywhere.  I ordered online up til about a month prior to her birthday so I could allow enough time for everything to come in.  I bought at various gift shops on our travels, crocheted an infinity scarf, bought quite a few items during Nordstrom's big Anniversary sale, couple Alex & Ani bracelets, & a Lilly Pulitzer scarf to name a few.  The week prior I still needed about 8 gifts so I went with a plan to TJ Maxx and headed to the home section and found the treasures that I needed.  I was dreading the wrapping, but I did it over the weekend prior and it wasn't so bad after all!!!

If someone that you love is going to having a monumental birthday -- keep this in mind!!  You definitely need to start acquiring the gifts early.  Even though I started early enough - I went about it a bit slower than I recommend.  In that notepad I also had a page with 'Ideas'.

We picked the perfect evening to take the gifts to her.  It was the day before her birthday because the day after her 'day' her oldest was leaving for college and it was a busy time for them.  But, the day that we went she was going to be all alone as her family all had other plans.  This turned out to be great because I can't imagine any of them (all male!!) staying past the second gift!  This is really a 'girl' thing!!!!

And, this is what Lucy thinks of it all!!!  You know if it's not about her -- she doesn't really care!!  LOL!!!

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