Monday, March 28, 2011

Odds & Ends - March Style

Oh, how I wish it was warmer here along Lake Erie!!!!  At least it has been sunny lately - which really can put you in a good mood - but I still need some warmth!!

I am in the middle of putting up my Easter decor -

I can't wait until it is finished and I can show it all to you.  You'll probably see more bits & pieces.  I wonder who is going to have an Easter Decor Party??  I will have to be on the search for that blog!!

I found on another gal's blog a very good and easy recipe for Tater Tot Casserole.  Now, thru the years I have tried a couple variations of it and they were OK.  But, this one Mr. Cardigan was raving about over and over again.  It was moister than the others.  You can find the recipe at this blog -  She has a photo of the entire casserole, but I didn't think of it until it was half finished -

Yum!!  If you need a quick dinner - keep this one in mind!

Now, it is Dancing With The Stars time again.  I am always waiting to see who the cast will be and hope that there is nobody that I really like -- because I get obsessed with it if I am cheering on a fave celebrity of mine.  I vote on both land and cell lines and have 2 emails registered.  (Just so you don't think that I am soooooo obsessed - I do have a third email and I haven't used that one -- yet!!)  Well, this season I am obsessed!!  Kirstie Alley has always been a favorite of mine.  She does things "over the top" and I love that!!  I was so glad that she did well last week!  I don't know why people were surprised because I knew that she loved to dance!  So, you'll know where I will be on Monday and Tuesday evenings!!  Mr. Cardigan thinks he will go to sleep early on those nights!!

Want to hear about my terrific deal at Hobby Lobby??  I was at the HL in Bowling Green, OH and there was an aisle with home goods marked 90% off.  Look at what I found for $2.49 -

I need to wash it up and I am thinking of putting a faux chocolate bunny (and a few other decos) with a glass dome over it.  Stay tuned!

March has been a pretty "blah" month for me but I do have some projects on the horizon.  I am cleaning up the Guest Bedroom and hope to have that finished soon.  I am going to try a new Pulled Pork recipe this week as I begin my quest for the best Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe!!  I want to get a couple donut pans (I think Amazon has them) and have a couple donut recipes I want to try.  Of course, I will let you know if there is anything good to report from these ventures!

Looking for a cute picture of Lucy.  Will this do?

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