Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Patrick's Banners

I really enjoy the banners that everyone in blog land is making.  I wish that mine were as spectacular - some day!!  I have just been "wingin' it" as to how to make them so I thought I would show you an easy version.

I have found some great vintage pics at these sites - The Graphics Fairy (just click on search and it will take you to lots of categories) and Hub Pages (sent to an internet group I belong by a "crafty" member).  So, first find your pics, save them to your computer and print on cardstock.  Then, cut them out -

Please excuse my old ironing board cover but I thought that was a good working area!!  I took green scrapbook paper and cut in half.

I took the scallop-type scissors shown and cut around all the edges -

I then used a glue stick to glue the clip art to the green paper -

I placed something a bit heavy on them and let them "set" overnight -

Next, is the ribbon (or whatever you want to use to hang them).  I have used different variations on the banners I have made.  I tried this - using glue to hold the ribbon across but then I ended up adding a strip of packing tape to make sure it was secure -

After I placed it (using clear thumbtacks) I added some St. Patrick's ribbon between the pics -

Here is the entire banner - hanging above the mantel -

I then made more using a different way to place the ribbon.  I used a little rectangle hole punch and threaded ribbon thru that -

Just another variation with different ribbon -

I can't wait to try some for Easter!!!!  All this is making me tired!!  Remember showing you some pictures of Lucy in some "comfortable" sleeping positions??  I just don't see how this is comfy!!!!

I am linking to Hope Studio's Tutorial Tuesday.  You can see more by clicking here.
Hope Studios


Karen @ The Whimsical Lady said...

They came out great! I'm not going to make any for St. Patty's Day, but I'm going to make some for Easter :) Lucy's a cutie!


Cate said...

These look great! Had to laugh at your cat too - ours curl up and sleep like that too. Oh to be that flexible :-)