Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Decorated Cabinets

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This was so easy and I didn't have to buy anything!!!  If you have a large stash of ribbon on hand - you are set!!  If not, or if you are of the mindset that you can never have enough ribbon - then be on the look out when you see ribbon on sale (like right now) or throughout the year when shopping and you see the perfect color.

Just cut the vertical ribbon a couple inches longer on each end than you want to show.  I just used packaging tape to hold it in place and it has been holding for a month now!!

Then, I took coordinating ribbon (and this is where you might have to play around a bit) and cut it 2 widths of my washing machine (I needed something easy to go by and the first cabinets I did were above the washer!!).  I had found this simple bow drawing on Pinterest and had kept it for this.  It worked out really well.  Although, a few times I had to start over!!

I used two stick pins with a red pin head to hold the bow in place.  It's like a production line when you do this!

I did the 2 cabinet doors above the washing machine and 7 cabinet doors in the kitchen.  I could have done many more in the kitchen - and I seriously thought about doing it after my Cookie Exchange - but then decided that maybe next year!!  

Santa was very good to Lucy this year.  Not only did she get a huge family of mice but her big gift was this toy that has a ball that spins around making a bird chirping sound.  Plus there is a large feather and another ball in the top that she can put her paw in to try to play with.  Looks like the toys got the better of her!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!!  I am linking to Skip To My Lou's Made By You Monday.  Just click here to see all the great ideas!
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CUTE idea, I wil;l remember this for next year!!!!