Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lighted Presents

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I made these several years ago to give as gifts for my 10th Annual Cookie Exchange -

 This was before I started blogging so don't have any pictures during the process.  I bought all my glass blocks with the opening already in it at Hobby Lobby and Pat Catan's - watching for specials/coupons at Hobby Lobby.  I used strands of 25 white lights with white cording from Pat Catan's.  I had a huge assortment of wired ribbon and made most of them a different pattern.

First, cut a large length of ribbon and wrap it around the glass block just like you would with a present - tying   it in a knot at the top of the block -

 Make sure you allow room near the opening for the light cord -

 You can see part of the top knots - just blends right in with the big bow -

 Luckily, I have a good friend who has worked in a floral shop and came and made all the bows for me.  She is so talented.  I know there are gadgets out there to help make these bows, or you can make them like she did with just using your hand (ohhh - my hand is cramping at the thought!), or you can buy them at a craft store already made up and maybe buy/use coordinating ribbon for the bottom part.

 My sister uses hers for a night light and just replaces the strand of lights when needed.  I have decorated for Christmas with the 3 that I have using them in our bedroom and they do make nice nightlights -

 Enjoy the rest of the pictures -

I was looking for Lucy the other day (she is an indoors cat and we have a small home) and was having the hardest time finding her - just curious you know where she was - and this is where I finally found her --

Spy girl!!!  She was just watching me walking all around looking!!!

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Suzy said...

I've always loved these lighted blocks and yours are so pretty! You're fortunate to have a friend who makes the bows for you. That's one thing that I really, really struggle with. Thank you so much for linking up to The Better Late Than Never Christmas Inspirations bloghop!