Monday, August 8, 2011

My Fall Notebook

One of my favorite things to do is decorate for holidays.  I have my Fall Notebook ready - hoping that I can wait until the day after Labor Day to begin.  I am so tired of this heat (and you in the south have suffered far more than I have!) and have become a hermit in this air conditioned house. 

My Fall Notebook keeps everything in one spot as far as recipes, decorating, etc.  Besides Fall - it includes Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Here is a pic of how it looked before I got it in order for this Fall -

Side view -

It is now in order!!  Here it is - and very plain and unglamorous --

Bulging with ideas -

This is what you see when you open it (on the left side pocket are some stencils and treat bags for Fall) -

I have some pics of my Fall decorations as a reminder of where things went (either if I want to do the same or change things around) -

Here are recipes for this season so everything is very handy for me and I don't have to go looking thru my stacks of recipes.  And, all the pages in the notebook are inserted in plastic sleeves to protect -

The cover page for the Halloween decor -

Some of my past Halloween decor pics -

Some Halloween foods that I have made -

Some Halloween recipes - here is one for 'Nutter Butter Ghosts' -

The cover page for Thanksgiving -

A small Thanksgiving banner that I made a couple years ago -

Here is the Thanksgiving menu from a few years ago -

One of my standard Thanksgiving recipes - or at least it is when my daughter is here for Thanksgiving as it is her favorite and was my Mom's recipe -

Now, for new ideas - clipped in the back of the notebook are recipes I would like to try (for Fall or Halloween or Thanksgiving) -

Decorating ideas I would like to try -

Craft ideas I want to do -

Some cute topiary ideas -

I know that I will need to upgrade to a bigger notebook soon and maybe I'll decorate the front of that notebook.  I have grand plans, don't I?  I tend to always 'think big' and whatever gets accomplished is great!!

I also have big plans for other notebooks, too.  The next notebook I am going to start is a Christmas one as I have the papers all in a stack and ready to begin.  Other notebooks that I hope to do are: February to Summer Notebook, Summer Notebook, and Cupcake/Cake Balls/Cookie Decorating Notebook.  Good Luck to me!!!

Just the thought of all this has made Lucy very tired.  She doesn't want to hear anything about it -

I am linking to Craft-O-Maniac's Monday Linky Party.  Please click here for lots of ideas.

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Comeca Jones said...

Seems we are on the same page I bought a planner and have been busy getting my place ready for the upcoming season.