Monday, February 20, 2012

Cork Gingerbread Men

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In case you want to start making something for Christmas -- here is something easy and you can make lots!!!!

First of all - I had found this idea a long time ago plus the fact that I made these about 3 years ago.  Somewhere in my paper mess is where I found them, but I have searched and found a site that does tell about them and has a link to the pattern for the gingerbread man -- just click here and get that template so you'll have it for whenever you have the time to do this.

You will need -
cork (I found it in a roll at Hobby Lobby, but check whichever craft store you frequent)
white and black paint (In a little squirt bottle)
thin red ribbon for the bow
glue gun to adhere the bow
red thread and needle to make the hanging loop

Since this was the only project I was going to do with the roll of cork I had -- I just traced the pattern over it all and cut them out -

I painted the trim, face and buttons - allowing each color to dry before attempting the other --

When the paint is dry -- I made bows with the red ribbon and then hot glued them in place -

Using a needle and red thread I made a large loop at the top to use for hanging --

These can be used for gift tags, ornaments on a tree, or as an enclosure in a card.  You can make quite a few and this way you are working on them assembly line style.  By doing this in the off-season you will have something nice in your Christmas stash and not feel any pressure!!!!

I feel like looking at a baby pic of Lucy today --

I am linking to Skip To My Lou's Made By You Monday.  Just click here to see so many neat projects and ideas for you to do!!!

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Maria said...

Wow I love this idea, why didn't I ever think of this?! I think gingerbread men are just so cute, and I love your idea!!!!! Adorable!!!! I'm going to save this for next Christmas, it would be so cute to make a little banner out of this, or even a really long string of small ones for the Christmas tree! You really inspired me!!!!!