Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick & Easy Veggies w/Dip to Serve Guests

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If you are having a small number of guest over for a gathering try this quick and easy way to serve individual fresh vegetables with dip --

I had served these at my Cookie Exchange at Christmas.

First, find appropriate glasses so you will know what size is good for your vegetables before you cut them.

I had the fresh vegetables all ready, but did not assemble it all until shortly before serving.

Put your favorite Ranch Dressing in the bottom of the glass.

Then, display your fresh veggies on top of the dip.

This allows your guests to have a nice assortment of  veggies and not take room on the regular plate.

I had baby carrots, green peppers, snap peas, and celery.  But, you could have some fresh mushrooms, baby ears of corn, green onions, etc.


This is what Lucy thinks of eating vegetables --

Now - meat or seafood is another story!!!!

I am linking to A Southern Fairytale Linky Party.  Just click here to see lots of great recipes!!

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