Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stuffed Banana Peppers in a Crockpot

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Mr. Cardigan loves these!!!  I make it in the fall when the peppers are plentiful in our area.  Love it when I can make something easy in a crockpot.

For Stuffed Banana Peppers you will need -

banana peppers
1 pkg. Italian sausage
marinara sauce

When selecting your banana peppers keep in mind that these will need to be stuffed.   Clean the banana peppers and slice off both ends and discard.  Scoop out the insides - making sure to get the seeds - discards this also.  Just open the package of Italian sausage and using a spoon begin stuffing the sausage into the pepper as best you can.  I like to pour about a half jar of sauce in the crockpot first to help prevent the peppers from sticking to the bottom.  Place the stuffed peppers in the crockpot.  Pour marinara sauce over the peppers (I usually use 2 jars total).

Cook all day on low - which I usually do for about 8-9 hours.

Here are the banana peppers after being cleaned --

Ends cut off and insides scooped --

Banana pepper all stuffed --

Place in the crockpot --

Covered with sauce and cooking --

Love these with mashed potatoes and a vegetable --

You know how everyone takes their own photo by stretching their arm and hoping they get their face and not the ceiling???  Lucy and I tried this --

Clearly we need more practice!!!!

I am linking to How To Nest For Less - Party With My Peeps.  Just click here for other recipes, crafts, or decorations.


How to Nest for Less said...

WHOA! Those peppers looks absolutely fabulous!! My hubby would love these! I'm pinning to Pinterest to remember this for later! Thanks for linking up this week, too :)

Brandy said...

Thanks for the recipe. I am a vegetarian so I am going to stuff with Boca crumbles!!

Sandy Chavez said...

OMG these were Awesome!!! Best crock pot recipe I've tried so far. I did use different peppers - banana peppers, poblano peppers, and green too - It was SO delish! thanks for sharing :)