Friday, February 24, 2012

Liver & Onions

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LIVER & ONIONS - what comes to your mind first?  Yum -- or -- ugh!!  Mr. Cardigan loooooves it, but I am in the latter category.  So, my friends ---- this is what I do for love!!!!

This is how he likes to eat it - with a baked potato and a side of beets --

Liver & Onions

pkg. of liver
salt & pepper


I just dump some flour in a bowl/container (big/wide enough that I can coat the liver in it) and throw in some dashes of salt and pepper.  Mix this up.  I melt about a 1/2 cup of Crisco in a skillet.  Once melted and hot I then coat both sides (sometimes repeating if need be) of the liver in the flour mixture.  Start cooking in the hot skillet.  I cook on medium heat cooking both sides of the liver - then put it on a low heat and turn occasionally .  I test for it being ready by using a knife - if nice and tender and cuts easily then it's done.  (Time estimate -- maybe a half hour)

For the onions -- while the liver starts to cook I melt some butter or margarine in a small skillet.  Again, use medium heat.  I slice one large onion or the equivalent and add it to the melted butter.  Once the onion starts to soften I lower the heat and put a cover on -- keeping my eye on it.  I try to time it so they are finished the same time as the liver.

Here is the flour mixture --

Crisco in the pan --

Coating the liver in flour --

In the skillet - starting to fry --

Starting to turn them over --

Cooking on both sides --

Now, lower the heat and cover (keep an eye and turn them a few times) --

When the liver starts to cook start to melt the butter --

Add the sliced onions --

Cook until the onions are soft --

As I said I am not a fan of this, but make it for Mr. Cardigan.  It is a fairly inexpensive meal and he is very happy!!!  What do I make for myself -- you are not going to believe this -- turkey pot pies!!!!  And, I am very happy!!!!!  (Just the store bought - by Banquet)

As Lucy continues to hope for a trip to the warm and sunny south -- she lays in the sun and dreams about it --

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Dawnye7 said...

This is the way I remember liver & onions being made. When I was kid, I loved it. It's very rare that I get to eat this now.

Cate said...

Ok,I seriously could not handle eating liver - no matter how well prepared :-)