Friday, February 17, 2012

My Obsessions!!!

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I tend to be obsessive about things.  Like I can't have enough, read enough, know enough -- when I am really interested in something.  So, what am I obsessing about now?  Here are my top 2 --

You can definitely not have enough of these -

Besides the Sunday papers -- I find them online.  There are many sites that I look at yet I miss a lot of them.  I found this really great hint on Coupon Katarina.  I am on Facebook a lot as I play a game on there (a lot!!!) and even though I would 'like' their FB page I was not seeing much of their status because between the game and all the many many many Facebook pages I am interested in.  Well, Coupon Katarina gave the best idea to make a list of your coupon Facebook blogs and then you can easily click on them and see all the 'latest'.  Go here and do what she says!!!  I am not missing anything now!!!!  In fact, I made a list for 'coupons' and one for 'blogs' so I can see some of my favorite blogs when they post.

Besides Coupon Katarina here are a few others that I like to check out -

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Totally Target

Hip 2 Save

Free Tastes Good


I love her!!!!!!  I watched it some last year, but when I saw Big Ang on Mob Wives this year I was hooked!!!  She is a doll!!!  I also love her kitchen!!!  Look at the great colors!!!  And zebra chairs, oh my!!!

You can watch Mob Wives on VH1 Sunday evenings or check the listings because they show it many times during the week.  You can follow her on Twitter - @biggangVH1   Trust me -- you will love Big Ang!!!!!

In case you get obsessed with Big Ang and Mob Wives -- here are a couple blogs you might want to check out --
Reality Aired

Mob Wives Blogspot

These are just a couple of my current obsessions!!!!!  I'll let you know more real soon!!!!!  I'm sure in the next grouping it will be about my holiday decorating.  Well, I have learned my lesson when removing or changing holiday decorations.  Don't leave the mantel bare for very long!!!!

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