Sunday, February 5, 2012

Decorate a Frame

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Another inexpensive and easy gift idea -

You can do this with a frame you already have or find one on sale or at a discount store.  If you have a nice assortment of ribbon then you can just go thru your stash and find some coordinating rolls.  I had bought the pin at Hobby Lobby a while ago with the intention of using it for this.  Look around and see if you have any pins, large buttons, etc. to use to put as an accent piece in the middle of the ribbon.  Keep you eye out for these when you're shopping to add to your stash!!

I assembled what I was using -

I cut the ribbon to the sizes that I needed.  If I was using any as loops (all but the top ones on this) then I hot glued the loop together.

I hot glued each piece of ribbon on top of the other.  I also hot glued the pin to the center of the ribbon.  If you are also able to pin it on that would be good, too -- then add some hot glue to make it secure.

Just hot glue the ribbon securely to the frame and let set -

You could make some nice holiday frames with the appropriate holiday ribbon, too.  Just make sure that there is still enough room in the frame to display a picture and that the ribbon doesn't take over half the frame because that could easily happen!!

Recently the grandsons did a little bit of traveling and were borrowing a couple suitcases.  After we brought them in - you know who - could not resist checking them out!!!!!  They would make nice comfy beds for Lucy, wouldn't they???

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