Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do It Yourself Monogram Ornaments

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First of all --- I did it!!!!!!  I have blogged everyday in February!!!!!!  Some days were harder than others and I am so glad that I took photos of food and crafts way before I started blogging.  That helped me tremendously.   I think I will take a rest for a few days!!

A while ago I made some monogram ornaments and could not believe how easy they were to do!  You just need some paint pens (found at the craft area in Walmart or your favorite craft store), either clear or solid color ornaments (mine were all glass ornaments), and some coordinating ribbon.

Practice drawing your initial on paper with a pencil before attempting on the round curved ornament.  Find something to put your ornaments in/on while they are drying --

I painted the initial and some dots on one side and allowed them to dry overnight.  The next day I added more dots to the back and allowed to dry.  I added little dots and added time for them to dry, too.  I am paranoid about letting them dry so I would put them out of the way and let them dry overnight.  I did quite a few of them at a time and made sure there was plenty of time to dry.

I added coordinating ribbon to finish --

I believe it's never too soon to start thinking about Christmas, especially when it comes to making gifts or decorations.  But, this was Lucy's reaction to Christmas so soon --

I am linking to No Minimalist Here's Open House Party.  See all the great ideas by clicking here.

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County Line Road said...

Those ornaments are adorable!