Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ribbon Changes For Every Holiday

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Using a little holiday ribbon can change everyday decor into part of your holiday setting -

These are battery operated candles bought at Sam's Club late last year.  I used them on my Christmas mantel just as they were -

I was getting ready to pack them away with the other Christmas decorations when I thought -- what am I doing?  I can use these throughout the year for all the other holidays!!  I had some wide Valentine ribbon left and just cut what I needed and taped the back closed.  The tape can be rolled up and used year after year.  I will be doing this for all the other holidays, too.

Another item that I add a ribbon for the holidays is this bucket of faux grass -

With this container I actually tie it in a knot in the back and just undo it when the holiday is over.  I roll it around the ribbon roll to help keep its shape when not in use.  Let's see what other holidays have I done this -

Look around your home and see what you might be able to add a little holiday ribbon!

Lucy thinks if she lays there still that I will add some blingy holiday ribbon on her -

I am linking to Funky Junk Interiors - Sat. Nite Special.  Click here to see all the great ideas!!!!
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Cate said...

What a simple but excellent idea Janet! Your little container of "grass" has proved itself a useful item for decorating too :-)

Zoey said...

I just love how you have transformed that container of grass for each holiday. If I ever see something similar, I am going to buy it!